Did not receive Download


If you  are reading this, then it is because you think I didn't send you your download link(s). They were sent when you ordered them (if I was home or awake. Remember, the links are sent by me, they are not automated), so, give a guy time to get out of bed or back from the church...lol. 
They sometimes get sent to your spam or junk mail and chances are that you will tell me that you looked there and they were not there either. Very true, because spam and junk mail filters often are set by default to delete your spam and junk mail (or at least a good part of them). So, in that case, please email me at jeffery@learntopick.com and let me know which video(s) you ordered and I will insert the link(s) into that e-mail. It will allow me to do so because you will have initiated contact first and your filters will allow the return e-mail without deleting it. The chances of me NOT sending your download to you are 0%.  Remember, all downloads are sent to the email address that is on file with PayPal.  If that is not your email address or you have changed your email address....it's time you updated your PayPal email address, because that is where all items you purchase will ALWAYS go to unless you specify a different email address for me to send it to along with your payment.

Thanks and God Bless, Jeffery