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Just received your course on learning by ear and I also just ordered your scales up the neck.  All I can say is GOD BLESS YOU!!  I have played all my life but never knew what I was doing or why it worked and now I'm gaining a clearer perspective!  We also LOVE you instrumental CD.  What a blessing!  Our 11 month old daughter loves to watch you on YouTube and sits there swaying back and forth and even raises her little hands and says "amen!"  Thanks alot for your lessons!!!!
Your friend,

Thanks for the video you sent to me it has been a blessing. Every new player needs it. It has opened doors for me now. I can pick lots of songs. I am learning to put the licks in the songs..
May God Bless you,


I just wanted to let you know what a blessing it is hearing your CD. I down loaded your CD last Thursday 17th, a day before my scheduled surgery, I now listen to your inspiring music hours at a time at home while recovering
I love how the melody rolls off your fingers, very beautiful. Like I Mentioned, I listen to your music for hours at a time, every time I hear a music track, it's like hearing it for the first time, every time.
God Bless, Jerome

I prayed the other day that God would help me improve and add more to our musicat Church.
5 minute later I found you on You Tube and then your website.I play rhythm and a little lead at The Peoples Church in Hueytown Alabama. We play mostly Southern Gospel. I like your arrangement and songs. My lead lacks melody so I'm working on that.
I'm going to order your videos soon..
God is using you and Blessing others through Gospel Music.
Thanks, Tim

I have seen all your videos and enjoyed them , hope you have had a good church service.
God has blessed our church so much we have seen about 80 come to know the LORD this year, and God has blessed our group Still Blessed so much it still amazes me.
Your teaching on dvd has been a blessing
to me and just what I have been looking for
so I will give Jesus
the glory for me finding you.
Your Brother in Christ,

All the items I ordered arrived today Aug 12. The post mark shows you sent them on Aug first as you said you would send them on your email to me. May I say your version  of Amazing Grace on the CD carries an anointing on it . If I never meet you here on earth and if Our Lord wills I'll introduce myself to you in heaven. Thanks so much for making the teaching lessons. There are tons of guitar teachers on the net but when I found you. I felt that this is the door for me to go through. I'm retired at 65 years old mostly chord on the guitar know major and pentatonic scales and feel I'm a perfect candidate to learn from you. Also just started playing again at the church.
Tom,   And oh yes God Bless.